How does IMODIUM® work with your body?

When something upsets the natural balance of nutrients and water absorption in your intestines, your digestive system starts to work too fast. This leads to the frequent passing of loose, watery stools, known as diarrhoea and can leave your body feeling out of tune.

Contrary to popular belief, IMODIUM® doesn’t stop your bowel movements altogether. Instead it calms down your digestive system with ‘loperamide’, helping to restore your body’s harmony and can stop diarrhoea within 1 hour.

Not treating your diarrhoea?

Frequently Asked Questions
Can children use IMODIUM® products?

Only people 12 years of age and over can use IMODIUM® products. Children below 12 years can use oral rehydration solutions to help prevent dehydration during diarrhoea.

Can IMODIUM® cause constipation?

Constipation is unusual with IMODIUM® as it works with the body to help restore ‘harmony’ to your digestive system, providing effective relief from diarrhoea. It is important you follow the recommended dosage.

Can I use IMODIUM® to treat the diarrhoea associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

IMODIUM® Instants can be used to treat short-lived bouts of IBS-related diarrhoea. However, it is important that you see your doctor first for a proper diagnosis.

To find out more, visit our IBS Treatment section.


Part of the digestive system, consisting of the small and large intestines, found in the abdomen


Also known colloquially as ‘poo’; this is the solid waste matter that passes through the rectum, in the form of bowel movements. Stools are made up of undigested food, bacteria, mucus, and dead cells.


A drug used in diarrhoea treatments, which slows the contraction of the muscles in the gut.