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Treat diarrhoea early, to feel better, faster

It’s often better to treat diarrhoea when it first strikes. A recent consumer survey has found that 82% of Irish people feel weak and lacking in energy when suffering from diarrhoea1. Why suffer unnecessarily, when by treating symptoms you can get back to feeling more like yourself and get on with.

Why should I treat diarrhoea?

You can use IMODIUM® to help relieve your diarrhoea symptoms effectively. It’s often better to treat your diarrhoea early so you can get your digestive system back to its usual rhythm faster and get on with your day.

Why you should treat

How does IMODIUM® work?

Normally your digestive system works in a steady, natural rhythm, which allows it to absorb vital salts and water into the body. However, if something upsets the natural balance of your intestines, your system can go into overdrive and as a result, it absorbs less salts and liquid. This leaves your stools loose or watery.

IMODIUM® helps your digestive system return to its natural rhythm, and can bring your body back into balance within one hour.

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Which IMODIUM® is right for you?

There are a range of different IMODIUM® products that can help alleviate your discomfort depending on the circumstances. They’re all designed to help you get back to doing what you need to do, with the minimum of disruption.

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Where to buy

IMODIUM® is widely available over the counter in pharmacies.

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1 (Johnson and Johnson: Imodium Claims Evaluation GfK NOP Quantitative Debrief – February 2011)