IMODIUM® LiquiRelief

IMODIUM® LiquiRelief is the only* capsule which provides effective diarrhoea relief in a soothing liquid capsule. The liquid gets to work fast, slowing down an overactive bowel, which helps the body absorb more of its needed water and salts. By having more water absorbed into the body, less fluid is passed in stools and diarrhoea can be relieved within 1 hour, restoring your body’s digestive rhythm. In addition to this, the soothing capsules are small and easy to swallow, meaning you can achieve relief discreetly and easily.

Picture of IMODIUM® Liquicaps


  • Provides effective diarrhoea relief in a soothing liquid capsule
  • Fast and effective-can stop diarrhoea in 1 hour
  • The small capsules are discreet and easy to swallow
  • Flavour Free


Proven effective relief from diarrhoea.


Initial 2 capsules. Then 1 after each episode of diarrhoea. Do not take more than 5 capsules in any 24 hour period.

You don’t realise how many people have similar problems. It’s comforting to know.

*this refers to loperamide containing soft capsules.

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